Friday, September 19, 2014

YO S.O.S. is Now Accepting Applications!

Applications for YO S.O.S. 2014-15 are now available!

Click here for online application

YO S.O.S. offers bi-weekly after-school workshops which utilize dynamic popular education methods in order to help participants make positive life choices and become leaders in their communities. Workshops cover topics such as community organizing, conflict de-escalation & resolution, trauma and mental health, and healthy communication among others. In addition to core content, workshops are designed to develop transferable skills including research strategies, teamwork, and critical thinking.

Participants who successfully complete the program receive a stipend and are eligible for paid summer employment or internship positions.

Questions? Call (718) 773-6886 
or email

Visitors from London

Outreach Worker David Gaskin, left,
with British visitor Dawn Joseph
On Thursday, September 18, S.O.S. Crown Heights welcomed two visitors from the Centre for Justice Innovation in the United Kingdom. They visited to learn more about the S.O.S. model in New York. We were privileged to spend the afternoon sharing information about our work in Crown Heights.

Pictured from left: Ashley McLain, Amy Ellenbogen, Lavon Walker, Dawn Joseph

Friday, September 12, 2014

Meet Kevin, Our Newest Staff Member!

We are happy to welcome our AVODAH Corps Member, Kevin Hershey, to S.O.S. and Crown Heights Community Mediation Center. Our amazing high school youth staff interviewed Kevin to find out more about him:

YO S.O.S.: Where are you from?

Kevin:        St. Paul, Minnesota

YO S.O.S.: How did you find out about the Mediation Center?

Kevin:     Kevin: I found out about it through AVODAH Jewish Service Corps, an organization that engages young leaders in full-time social justice work.

YO S.O.S.: What do you enjoy about the job?

Kevin: I enjoy forming relationships with the different people who walk through our door!

YO S.O.S.: What does the fox say?

Kevin:        If you want peace work for justice.

YO S.O.S.: Who is your favorite person in your family?

Kevin: I love my whole family. Something I really like about my brother, Sean, is that he lives in Crown Heights and is a social worker.

YO S.O.S.: What is your favorite meal?

Kevin: My favorite meal has always been a turkey sandwich, especially from a New York deli.

YO S.O.S.: How do you describe love?

Kevin:       I feel that love is learning to value yourself enough to give yourself to others.

Fun Fact: Kevin’s great grandfather’s cousin invented the Hershey bar!