Tuesday, February 22, 2011

S.O.S. in the Huffington Post

S.O.S. got a great shout-out in the Huffington Post last week in a post by the Director of Chicago Ceasefire, Tio Hardiman. The article discusses how the Ceasefire model can be replicated in other cities and points out those who are successfully implementing  their anti-gun violence program (us!)

A December 10 New York Times article, "Gunfire Will No Longer Be Met by Silence," featured the work of Save Our Streets (S.O.S.), the CeaseFire replication site in Crown Heights, NY. In the article, author Tim Stelloh comments that the Baltimore and Kansas City, MO sites have experienced "mixed results," raising an important question: this model is succeeding in Crown Heights and Chicago, but can it work in other cities? The answer is yes, as long as these three elements are present: strong leadership, adherence to the CeaseFire model and consistent funding. "

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Positions Available: Violence Interrupters

We are still looking for additional Violence Interrupters.
Violence Interrupters are:
- Motivated individuals, looking to make Crown Heights a safer, healthier neighborhood.
- From a wide range of personal and professional backgrounds, including a history of incarceration.
- Available to work afternoon & evening hours (15-20 hours/week).
- Equipped with an-depth knowledge of Crown Heights and surrounding areas.
Please send any referrals our way and share the job description widely.

Position Available: Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets Case Manager

S.O.S. is seeking a Case Manager for a new initiative, “Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets.” The Case Manager will maintain a caseload of approximately 30-40 young people within an intensive community-based project serving youth who live or go to school in Crown Heights. Targeted youth will have been affected by gun violence and want to work to stop the spread of gun violence. The Case Manager will work in conjunction with the Program Coordinator to ensure that a strengths-based, holistic, youth oriented perspective is utilized in the development and implementation of the program.

Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets is a new youth development and community organizing program that will annually provide life skills to 25 young people, ages 14-17, who are disproportionately affected by violence in Crown Heights. Participants will receive leadership development training through an after-school program, paired with case management services and service learning opportunities. Summer jobs will also be
provided for participants.

To Apply: Please fax to 718-774-5349 or email your resume and cover letter in Word to crownheightsjobs@gmail.com.  Include the job title, “Case Manager,” in the subject line.  No phone calls please.  
Deadline to apply:  February 21, 2011

Click HERE for the full job description.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Staff Non-Violence Training

Last week the S.O.S. and Crown Heights Community Mediation Center staff participated in a two-day training from the Institute for the Study and Practice of Nonviolence located in Providence Rhode Island.  The trainers are part of a program similar to S.O.S. that also utilizes street outreach workers to interrupt potential gun violence. 
The Mediation Center staff was inspired and invigorated by this two-day training.  S.O.S Violence Interrupter Marlon Peterson explains that he realized MLK Jr. wasn’t acting passively, but rather out of disciplined love, and that it’s “this disciplined love for our community of people [that] allows us to do what we can to Save Our Streets. If enough of us can pass this concept forward, then success as King saw it, is possible.”

The most substantive piece of the training was learning about Dr. King’s six principles of nonviolence and the six steps of nonviolent conflict resolution (click here to read more).
1. Nonviolence is for courageous people. It is a way of life.
2. Build the Beloved Community everywhere you go.
3. Attack forces of evil, not persons doing evil.
4. Accept suffering without retaliation, for the sake of the just cause.
5. Avoid inner violence of the spirit as well as outward physical violence.
6. The universe is on the side of justice.
1. Gather information.
2. Educate others.
3. Personal Commitment.
4. Negotiation.
5. Nonviolent direct action.
6. Reconciliation.
 For more detailed explanations of these ideas, check out our “readings” tab, stop by the Mediation Center to talk with us or read our books, and see the "how to help" tab for ways you can support S.O.S. in promoting nonviolence in Crown Heights.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Clergy and Laity Non-Violence Discussion

On Saturday, January 22nd, S.O.S. hosted the first in a series of discussions for clergy and lay leaders for a discussion of ways to mobilize the Crown Heights community to embrace Dr. King's philosophy of nonviolence and end the senseless killings. If you would like to join us for future conversations, please contact Micah Weiss at mweiss@crownheights.org or 718-773-6886.