Friday, March 9, 2012

Pick up a poster for your window!

We hope you’ve seen the S.O.S. posters all around the neighborhood. We want to keep the issue of gun violence in people’s minds when they are shopping for their groceries, on their way to school, sitting in church, and doing their laundry.

One resident stopped by the office last week and asked for some posters for the window in his apartment. He said, “I feel so proud whenever I see the S.O.S. team. I want to do my part.”  He chose a poster that read “Don’t Let 6X9 or 6 feet under be your only options.”  

We invite you to come by our office to pick up a poster. By putting these posters in your window, you make the statement that gun violence is unacceptable and that there is wide support to get people to put their guns down. The posters also start conversations, an important part of the process of making the change we want here in Crown Heights. Together, we are working for the day when these posters are a relic from a sad time in our history.

Here are some more photos of posters:

Come by, pick up a poster, and send us a picture of you and your sign!


  1. One way to increase support for this advocacy is to have colorful, attention-grabbing printed banners strategically hanged at light posts of parking lots and highways. This way, more and more will be able to notice it.

  2. Posters are not just a way to advertise, it also help children to learn. The more colorful the posters are, the more informative it should be so that the attention would not be wasted. On a side note, posters are also great for blocking the glare of the sun that can hurt the eyes.

    Fenton Fannon