Tuesday, April 24, 2012

S.O.S. Reaches 100 Mediations

In March 2012, the S.O.S. outreach team completed its 100th mediation since the program began in 2010. S.O.S. Violence Interrupters and Outreach Workers walk the streets of Crown Heights nightly. They interact with young men and women, build relationships and mediate conflicts between groups and individuals in the program's target area to prevent them from escalating into violence. Outreach workers also counsel and mentor a cohort of 50 at risk youth, helping them to find alternatives to street life and violence. The program's 100 mediations represent 100 potential shootings that did not occur in Crown Heights over the past two years.

Stop Shooting. Start Living.
Save Our Streets, Crown Heights

Thursday, April 12, 2012

S.O.S. Staff to Speak at Screening of Player Hating: A Love Story

Friday, April 13th at 7:00 pm
IndieScreen, 289 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211
Click here to purchase tickets

This coming Friday, April 13th, S.O.S. Outreach Worker Supervisor Lavon Walker and CHCMC Director Amy Ellenbogen will be panelists at a screening of Player Hating: A Love Story. Player Hating: A Love Story, a film by Maggie Hadleigh-West, follows Half-a-Mill a hip hop artist from the Albany Housing Projects in the S.O.S. catchment area and his Brooklyn crew, The Godfia Criminals. The film follows Half and his crew as they write, perform and launch Half's first album, "Milion". Player Hating delves into the lives of young “thugs”, and takes the viewer into the world of poverty, alienation, gangs, violence and music. According to a NY Post article, "It’s a sobering slice of life that puts actual faces to local violent crime statistics."

See the Player Hating: A Love Story website here. Visit their facebook page here
See a NY Times article about the film here

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Arts to End Violence Deadline TOMORROW!

It's April 4th, which means that the final deadline for Arts to End Violence submissions is TOMORROW.

Arts to End Violence, design submitted by Solomon Reese

We have received more than 20 submissions, but we're still looking for more! If you are an artist and are thinking of submitting, please contact us by tomorrow and let us know!