Friday, January 25, 2013

Research demonstrates that S.O.S. is effective at decreasing shootings

Save Our Streets Crown Heights is delighted to share with you an evaluation of S.O.S. that reports that shooting rates have decreased as a result of our efforts. 

The report, "Testing a Public Health Approach to Gun Violence," conducted by the Center for Court Innovation, took place over 29 months and shows that comparison neighborhoods had 20% higher rates of gun violence than our neighborhood did.  

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To download the study, click here.
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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Community Rally SATURDAY

Youth and Clergy Stand Against Gun Violence, January 3rd

Devastatingly, in the late evening of New Year's Day, two 17-year-olds were shot and severely wounded while sitting in their car on the corner of Troy Avenue and Park Place. Two days later, S.O.S. stood on that same corner alongside local youth and members of the clergy to show the community that shootings will not go unnoticed or be tolerated. S.O.S. Clergy Action Network (C.A.N.) leader Reverend Kevin Jones, joined by Bishop Billips and Reverend Mathew Burke, appealed for peace through the S.O.S. bullhorn. Reverend Jones recalled growing up in the neighborhood, and, looking at a dilapidated building, noted how it had changed. “This was my block. I used to shop at that supermarket,” Jones said. “I’m still here… and now together we have to work together to stop the gun violence, and make our community whole again.” 
The crowd standing against gun violence that night had a youthful energy, as it was filled with Youth Organizers, local high school students involved in our  program to generate youth leadership in the struggle against gun violence. Marlon Peterson, deputy director at the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center, gathered the youth organizers together and told them that, because in this instance of gun violence both the shooters and victims were young people, the neighborhood might come to fear and shun people of their age. "Your presence here tonight shows the community that there is another way, there is another path for young people here. Youth don't have to be the face of violence. You're showing them tonight that youth can be the face of peace." 

S.O.S. Holiday Party and Toy Giveaway

S.O.S. spread the holiday spirit in Crown Heights on Friday, December 21st, when the Crown Heights Community Mediation Center (CHCMC) opened its doors to children and families from the community for a holiday party and toy giveaway. Children poured into the Center wearing bright holiday smiles and transformed the space into a festive party full of music, food and laughter. CHCMC and S.O.S. staff quickly adopted the mood, leading the children in interactive games, carol singing and learning activities about how to make the neighborhood a safe and friendly place. At the end of the party the children lined up excitedly to collect gift bags that the S.O.S. team was distributing. The children were delighted with their gifts, leaving the Mediation Center with hands full of new toys and hearts full of Christmas cheer. We thank the shoppers and merchants of Park Slope and the Park Slope Civic Council who generously donated the toys and gifts that made this event possible.

Monday, January 7, 2013

CNN Radio reports on S.O.S.

CNN Radio News profiled the S.O.S. team's efforts to reduce shootings and killings in our neighborhood. Congratulations to Outreach Worker Derick Scott, Program Manager Allen James, and the rest of the S.O.S. team whose hard work made this possible.

Confronting criminals slows murders in NYC

Confronting criminals slows murders in NYC

By Steve Kastenbaum, CNN
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(CNN) – New York ended 2012 with a historic low murder rate – 414 killings in all. It's the lowest the figure has been since police started keeping track in 1963.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg gives much of the credit to a combination of police tactics and some of the toughest gun laws in the country.
However, there is much more going on than stringent policing.
[3:02] "If you stake out a piece of territory like SOS has, basically a two square mile grid, we can suppress shootings here. We can lower the number of shootings here and the outreach team here has done that,” said Alan James, program manager at Save Our Streets Crown Heights, a community based project fighting gun violence in one Brooklyn neighborhood.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Women Standing Together Against Gun Violence

This Friday, January 4th at 5:30 pm Harlem Mothers SAVE, a coalition of mothers fighting against gun violence, will be holding a candlelight vigil to call attention to the spate of recent shootings in Upper Manhattan, and to light candles in memory of the victims of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. The vigil will be held at 2471 Frederick Douglass Blvd/132nd street, and will bring together members of Harlem Mothers SAVE, Elected Officials, African American and Latina women and other community activists to call for action to stop the violence and slaughter of our children.

About the organization: Harlem Mothers SAVE (Stop Another Violent End) was established in 2006 by Jackie Rowe Adams, who lost two sons to gun violence with the assistance of NY State Assemblyman Keith Wright. The non-profit organization focuses on activism, victim services and education.  April Tyler, a Harlem-based organizer and former Democratic district leader will lead the protest.