Monday, February 4, 2013

S.O.S. South Bronx on MSNBC

MSNBC profiled our new sister project, S.O.S. South Bronx, on Saturday, February 2nd, writing about the new team's efforts to spread the "Stop Shooting, Start Living" message. Congratulations to the new team, and Kenneth Edwards, the Hospital Responder for S.O.S. Crown Heights, who was also quoted.

(L-R) Gilly Delgado, who is an outreach worker with S.O.S South Bronx, and Tarkesha Brown,  a violence interrupter, conduct a community outreach work on  January 30, 2013 in Bronx Borough of New York City. (Photo by Trymaine Lee/MSNBC, handout)

How to stop gun violence: ‘I’m out here hustling peace’

As rain began to whip across a bustling street corner in the South Bronx earlier this week, Gilly Delgado pulled his knit hat low over his brow and shoved a hand deep inside his coat pocket. He took a step from the corner and sneered at the police officer who’d been watching him from across the street. He threw another look at a group of young men in hoods—one with a blood-red bandana dangling from his back pocket—who were marching up the block.

The group got closer. And Delgado reached deeper into his coat.

“This is my corner,” Delgado said low, stepping in the boys’ direction.

As soon as the group got within arm’s reach and earshot, Delgado pulled his hand from his pocket and jammed a button and pamphlet at them.

“Save our streets and stop gun violence,” Delgado said. The boys glared for a moment before taking the stuff and bopping around the corner.

“It’s like the crack game,” Delgado said slyly. “But I’m out here hustling peace.”

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