Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"I felt like an island all by myself. . . until now."

Clergy Action Network Members at the Clergy Breakfast

Clergy Action Network Leader, Rev. Kevin Jones

On Saturday, March 9th, SOS CAN held their first Clergy Breakfast of 2013. Thirty-five faith-based leaders came out to learn about the Save Our Streets program and the Clergy Action Network, and how they increase the visibility and work of the faith-based community against gun violence. Led by Clergy Action Network coordinator Reverend Kenneth Jones, The Clergy Breakfast fostered a powerful space for faith leaders to join forces and build a community together. One Pastor applauded the Breakfast, stating "I felt like an island all by myself, until now." With the help of Youth Organizers and S.O.S. volunteers, SOS CAN provided a delicious breakfast and welcoming experience for new and familiar attendees. Reverend Jones led the clergy in a discussion of their hopes for moving from “reaction” to violence, to “action” that prevents violence. Reverend Tiffany Murray presented with various options for action through “committees,” and faith leaders were invited to join a committee during break-out sessions with Committee Chairs. Reverend Jones referred to the breakfast as a time for "for learning and sharing" and looks forward to future Clergy Breakfasts and SOS CAN events, including the Unity Fair & Festival in August.
S.O.S. Volunteers
S.O.S. Outreach Workers Craig Alexander and David Grant


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