Friday, June 6, 2014

Rallies in Response to Two Shooting Incidents

After 80 days without a shooting, five people were shot in the S.O.S. catchment area within three days last week. On Thursday night, a man was shot and killed on Albany Avenue on St. Johns Place. On Saturday night, four people were shot at St. Johns Park.

In response, S.O.S. organized a rally at the site of each incident.

On Monday, June 2nd, about 100 people attended a rally on the corner of St. Johns and Albany to protest the shooting that killed Todd Edward Wilks, including the family of the victim. Reverend Kevin Jones, S.O.S. Clergy Liaison, spoke movingly. Senior Outreach Worker Derick Scott spoke of the need to "hold each other up" instead of reaching for a gun.

On Tuesday, June 3rd, a rally was held in front of St. Johns Park on Troy Avenue and St. Marks to recognize the violence that occurred when four people were shot at St. Johns Park during the Founder's Day Celebration on Saturday. The community stood together to spread the message that this violence is unacceptable.

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