Wednesday, November 12, 2014

S.O.S. Bed-Stuy Takes Part in Open House with Police Athletic League

On October 11, 2014 Veterans Day the SOS Bed-Stuy team was part of a community open house at the PAL. We were able to table at the event providing the community and the teen’s information about SOS and our work in the community, while challenging them to consider joining our efforts by volunteering their time.  
Our team also manned the grill on the street, which provided food and beverages to the teens who came out and the residents who joined.
This was a complete community event, even the police got into the mood and setting as they played basketball with the teen boys and danced to the Bobby Shmurder song.

Everyone who came enjoyed themselves. Community residents seems happy to see something different happening in the neighborhood and the Teens all had only one future request, they want to see the SOS bed-Stuy team play the police department in some B-Ball…. To be continued.

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