How You Can Help

S.O.S. can’t do it alone. We need your help to stop the violence. Join the movement, and see the many ways you can make a difference here.  

Pick up a Don’t Shoot poster from our office and put it in your window or business, stand with us at shooting responses, speak your peace, attend community events, share our tweets and facebook posts. Refer a young person to our Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets or Make It Happen! programs.

Become an S.O.S. Volunteer and help end violence in your neighborhood.
Please contact Kevin Hershey, the volunteer coordinator, at, or call 718-773-6886.

Subscribe to our blog, like our facebook page, follow us on twitter, and sign up for email/text updates to stay up to date on what S.O.S. is doing and accomplishing. 

The first step to achieving change is to get informed. Please visit our readings page to learn about gun violence in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and beyond, and what we can do to help stop the violence.

S.O.S. and YO S.O.S. staff may be able to give a workshop or presentation about gun violence and our work in your school. Please call 718-773-6886 if you're interested.

Submit anti-violence artwork to the Arts to End Violence Festival, create a public service announcement, or help S.O.S. create effective public education materials. If you are a graphic designer, web designer, photographer, or curator, please contact Amy at to find out how your skills can be utilized.

Advocate for the Youth Promise Act to ensure federal funding for evidence-based prevention strategies. Learn about hosting a screening of The Interrupters to support the Act here.

Host a screening of The Interrupters and hold a discussion with your peers about the effects of gun violence. See a guide created by The Interrupters here.
You can also use the movie to advocate for the Youth Promise Act. See details here

To make a monetary donation to S.O.S., please click here.

S.O.S. is also looking for tickets to entertainment, sporting and cultural events. Please email if you have access to free or reduced price tickets.