S.O.S. In the News

"Panel Discusses City's Pockets of Violent Crime"
June 13, 2014
S.O.S. Program Manager Allen James is featured on a panel on NY1's Inside City Hall to discuss why violent crimes occur in certain areas of the city. Note: you must be a Time Warner subscriber to view this video.

"Anti-Violence Art Contest Seeks Submissions in Crown Heights"
April 10, 2014
DNAinfo writes about our annual anti-violence arts competition.

"Interrupting violence in Brooklyn"
April 8, 2014
A photo essay on MSNBC profiling the S.O.S. outreach team, in 2012 and today.

"Selfies 4 Safety Campaign Aims to Prevent Gun Violence in Crown Heights"
January 9, 2014
YO S.O.S. is featured on News 12 Brooklyn to talk about their social media campaign to stop the violence.

December 20, 2013
DNAinfo writes about the YO S.O.S. holiday initiative to stop violence.

"Unlearning Gun Violence"
November 12, 2013
New York Times columnist Joe Nocera explores S.O.S.'s model of reducing violence.

"On the streets of Crown Heights, standing up to violence"
October 24th, 2013
Melissa Walker profiles S.O.S. and a shooting response in the Brooklyn News Service.

"Ex-cons campaign against violence, and it's working"

August 22nd, 2013
Al-Jazeera America profiles the S.O.S. outreach team and their successes.

"YO S.O.S.: Brooklyn Teens Ready to Holster Gun Violence"
March 11th, 2013
Metro News profiled the YO S.O.S. program and its impact on the lives of the Youth Organizers.

"Save Our Streets Messengers Fight Gun Violence"
January 24th, 2013
Sam Akhtar writes about Save Our Streets in the Canarsie Courrier.

"Confronting criminals slows murders in NYC"
January 7th, 2013
Steve Kastenbaum covers SOS and interviews Outreach Worker Derick Scott and Program Manager Allen James for CNN Radio.

"Anti Violence Activist Group Hosts Community Vigil For Victims On New Year's Day Shooting"
January 1st, 2013
Spencer Platt for Getty Images
To see more Getty Images photos from our shooting response on January 3rd, 2013, click here.

"A Onetime Drug Dealer, Now Working to Combat a Plague of Gun Violence"
December 25th, 2012
Vivian Yee interviews violence interrupter Rudy Suggs for the New York Times City Room blog.

"Crown Heights Mediation Center Serves Community"
September 20-26, 2012
Amelia Rawlins covers the Mediation Center and S.O.S. for Our Time Press.

"Anti-Violence Organization Celebrates Brooklyn Day With Block Party"
June 7, 2012
Sonja Sharp for DNAInfo covered the evolution of S.O.S. and Save Our Streets Week

"S.O.S. Peace March Brings Crown Heights Residents Together To Speak Out Against Gun Violence"
May 30, 2012
SOS Peace March press release.

"S.O.S. Crown Heights Celebrates “Arts to End Violence” At Gallery Opening"
May 23, 2012
Arts to End Violence press release.

"Crown Heights Counting on Security"
May 20, 2012
A feature story from The Wall Street Journal on Save Our Streets Crown Heights and its efforts to combat gun violence.

"Ex-cons Step in to Mediate Conflict, Prevent Gun Violence"
May 15, 2012
USA Today details the work of S.O.S. violence interrupters, as well as Ceasefire Chicago.

"In Search of Artists from Crown Heights and Beyond to Join Us in Celebrating Community and Rejecting Violence " 
March 15, 2012
Arts to End Violence press release by Anthony Mohen.

 "BK pizza shop serves up anti-violence message"
December 21, 2011
News 12 covered Kingston Avenue Pizza's antiviolence message on their pizza boxes.

December 20, 2011
News 12 covered our sister program Youth Organizing to Save Our Street's Holiday Peace Windows Project.

"A Second Chance"
Suvro Banerji and Jackie Mader created this short video about S.O.S. Violence Interrupter Kenneth Edwards for NYC In Focus.

"Interrupting Violence"
NYC In Focus published a short video Suvro Banerji and Jackie Mader about the S.O.S. Week of Peace and Youth Organizing to Save Our Streets (YO S.O.S.)

"Brownsville Says: End the Violence" 
November 6, 2011
An Op-ed in The Daily News highlights the importance of programs like Save Our Streets and Ceasefire Chicago.

October 19, 2011
Outreach Worker Lavon Walker appeared on CUNY TV 75's Independent Sources to talk about some of the methods S.O.S. uses to get through to those likely to be involved in gun violence.

August 5, 2011
Appearing on Inside City Hall, Ife Charles and Lavon Walker from Save Our Streets Crown Heights and John Thompson from the YMCA's Operation SNUG told Errol Louis how they battle street violence.

"Interrupting Violence, on Screen and on the Streets"
August 1, 2011
The New York Times' City Room profiles S.O.S. violence interrupters in the context of the documentary, "The Interruptors," which portrays Chicago's Cure Violence program.

"Shooting Countdown Signs Posted in Crown Heights"
June 24, 2011
News 12 covered our new community engagement program of local merchants keeping track of how many days have passed since a shooting occured in the S.O.S. catchment area.

"Save Our Streets Rally to Stop the Violence"
June 9, 2011
Our Times Press wrote an article covering the S.O.S. Shooting Response on June 3rd, 2011.

"Gov't Eyes Successful Anti-Violence Schemes in Brooklyn and Chicago"
June 10, 2011
The Bermuda Sun described what a delegation of high-level criminal justice officials from Bermuda learned from their visit to the S.O.S. office in Crown Heights.

S.O.S. Wins the Fellowship of Reconcilliation 2011 Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Award - Press Release
May 26, 2011
Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Award press release.

"Inside City Hall" Panel on Brooklyn Gun Violence
April 26, 2011
S.O.S. program manager Lisa Jones participated in a panel speaking about the recent shootings in Brooklyn on NY1's show "Inside City Hall".

S.O.S. in Crown Heights North 
March 20, 2011
Sandra Hawkins detailed an overview of the S.O.S. program in a blog post for examiner.com.

CeaseFire: Success Beyond Chicago
S.O.S. got a great shout-out in the Huffington Post on February 10th in a post by the Director of Chicago Ceasefire, Tio Hardiman. The article discusses how the Ceasefire model can be replicated in other cities and points out those who are successfully implementing their anti-gun violence program (us!).

Gunfire Will No Longer Be Met by Silence
December 10, 2010
The New York Times gave an overview of S.O.S. and a recent shooting response. 

Stopping Street Slaughter: Media Push to End "Violence Tolerance"
November 12, 2010
The Daily News wrote a preview for our collaborative anti-gun violence film screening and panel discussion. The article also highlights the 2011 Save Our Streets Multimedia Contest.
November 12, 2010
Brooklyn 12 covered our shooting response on November 12, 2010 with interviews from two of our outreach workers, Achisimach Yisrael and Lavon Walker.

Brooklyn murders have Crown Heights fighting back
October 24, 2010
Errol Louis writes about S.O.S. in the New York Daily News.

Group hopes to reduce Crown Heights violence
October 20, 2010
Brooklyn 12 did a segment on S.O.S. Before our Peace March. They also had live coverage from the march.'Selfies 4 Safety' Campaign Aims to Stop Gun Violence in Crown Heights